Lessons for IELTS - Advanced Writing

A major challenge of the IELTS Writing test is being able to respond to Task 1 and Task 2 questions thoroughly and appropriately, demonstrating the ability of using a wide range of vocabulary and grammar structures with a high degree of accuracy – all within a strict one-hour time frame. This book will help you to achieve these goals.
This is a comprehensive course that provides advanced-level students with the tools to work through Task 1 visual information quickly.
Each unit includes tree IELTS-style charts
Students are guided to analyse the charts, organise their ideas, and produce accurate and well-written responses.
Authentic responses are given at different levels so that students can identify the differences between low-, average-, and high-level responses.
Language activities consolidate and extend essential grammar and cover the use of cohesive devices.
Model answers are supplied in all units.
The focus for Task 2 is on different question styles and the best manner in which to respond to them. In order to gain high marks, it is absolutely essential that candidates understand the specific requirements of Task 2 questions.
Each unit includes rubrics which reflect IELTS themes and wording.
Students are guided to analyse the topics for content and style, which is followed by a variety of brainstorming activities in each unit.
Advanced language practice consolidates and extents essential grammar and covers the use of cohesive devices.
Model answers at different levels are provided in all units.
You will be primed and prepared for the challenge of the IELTS Writing test after completing this course. You will feel confident to demonstrate your stills and competence in the test situation.
This course is your pathway to success.
Pam Watson

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