Barron's Writing for the IELTS

Discover everything you’ll need to know in order to write well for the IELTS test, whether you are planning to take the Academic or the General Training version. This book will help IELTS test takers learn several essential skills, including:
    Task Achievement: follow a three-step model to plan, write, and revise your essays
    Coherence and Cohesion: practice organizing your writing and connecting ideas
    Lexical Resource: build your vocabulary and use it correctly
    Grammatical Range and Accuracy: review rules and practice applying them to your writing
Each section leads you step-by-step through the process of writing an essay in response to a particular task. Learn how to apply what you’ve learned, familiarize yourself with the types of questions you’ll have to respond to on the test, complete your responses within the time limits, and more. An Appendix also includes a More Writing Practice section with a selection of essays written in response to IELTS writing tasks.
Barron's Educational Series, 2016 - 312 pages.

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Nato 5 March 2019 12:58
Hello, would you be so kind to tell me the password for the file? When I'm extracting file it requires the pass.  I have downloaded several files and on some of them, I have the same problem. Thanks.
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